Nanowrimo Cometh

I’m so excited that I can hardly stand it.  Nanowrimo is coming. I am so ready for it. Have you ever had one of those stories that pops full grown into your head, just ready to be written? That’s what happened this October with my new YA novel: Unlikely Alliance. I can’t wait to put down the words that tell the story of a 17 year old selective mute named Xander. Xander observes  and records the world with a new top of the line camera his distant architect dad bought him. But then something happens at school. A jock kisses Fenn, a gorgeous girl whose mom slaps her around. The jock’s girlfriend sets out to torment Fenn by making her Queen of the Seniors, knowing that Fenn can’t afford a dress or shoes.  Fenn’s neighbor, The Ox, knows something has to be done but doesn’t know what until he remembers that smart kid who doesn’t talk.  The Ox tries to enlist Xander in his campaign to help Fenn. Xander has to make a painful decision: should he enter the world and help The Ox and Fenn or stay insulated in a world of privilege where nothing is expected of him. 

Like I said, it’s perfectly formed in my brain and I can’t wait to write it. On Friday.




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