Nano begins!

It has begun. National novel writing month, of course. I love it with a passion. I wish my day job was writing all day every day (but with better punctuation!).  Alas, my day job is cramming knowledge or thirst for same into almost a hundred dry little brains each day. Sometimes, the brains don’t want to cooperate. Today was a nagging day where I had to get the little brains to realize they will fail if they don’t get X done in the next 54 minutes. End of the quarter, you see. But that also means that the school year is 1/4 done. kaput, finished. OVER! And it also means that Nano has begun.

So tonight, after a frustrating day cramming into their brains, I wrote the beginning salvo of Unlikely Alliance, a YA novel about Xander a selective mute who has to make a decision: join the world to make a difference or stay in his comfort zone and never know if he could have made a difference.  It will be a fun ride. I’m already 2300 words in and loving it.!

I got to the Fond du Lac elsewheres coffee meet and the Oshkosh library kickoff (great pizza) so I am going to bed by 11pm. Imagine that on the first day of Nano!