Me too! Finally happened. Isn’t it so exciting?

Norma D. Downing

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

–Walt Disney

I had a dream. That dream was write a novel and have it published. That dream has come true! My book A Promise Made has been published and is coming out this week.

Dreams can come true if we are willing to work. I’m not saying that all dreams can come true. They have to be realistic dreams. If your dream is to walk on the moon…well, probably not going to happen. That is not a realistic dream. Could it happen? Yes, it is physically possible. It has been done before but not likely.

Trying to get your dream to come true can be hard work. I didn’t just write a manuscript and send it to a publisher and they immediately accepted it and wanted to publish it. Nope, it wasn’t that easy. I…

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