Look What We Got Here ~ Red Cups by Starbucks ❤

Write! Caffienate! Repeat!


A big Hello to you all!! 🙂

Today’s post is about one of my favorite coffee bars – Starbucks.

To begin with, even though it’s not part of my religious festivities, I am a major Christmas fan. I love everything Christmassy; from the tree to decorations, from the cake to the gifts, from color red, green, white and gold to Santa Claus himself – I just love it all. I even have a mini tree I bought when I was in school and I had put it up on Christmas’ eve twice I think. I had bought all the decorations and lights and even a star. My favorite item was an angel with a musical instrument. I don’t know if I have all those decorations anymore because I have been shifting around houses quite a lot in the past years and with every move there was packing and unpacking and…

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