New novel has a title! Sparks Fly. Out i

New novel has a title! Sparks Fly. Out in June 2014


Adventures in Writing

I have a unique opportunity with my next novel, working title Burning Love. Okay, I hate the title and my editor agrees. It’s about Carlisle, a woman who needs to win a BBQ contest so she can go to  culinary school. In the process, she burns down her landlord’s shed and meets Chet, the fire chief. He’s not very happy with her wasting resources of the fire department when there is an arsonist on the loose. The arsonist targets Carlise and Chet has to protect her and stop the fires before someone gets hurt.

The unique opportunity is that another Prism author submitted a story with a fireman almost simultaneously and we’re going to put them together in one wonderful anthology. I’m excited. Look for it in July 2014. I’ll update you when the title becomes official.