Oshkosh Public Library 3/24/14 at 7pm

Come see me tonight for free at the Oshkosh Public Library downstairs meeting room on 3/24/14 at 7pm for 45 minutes of plotting! Got an idea? Let’s get a plot!


Planning the Lakefly Literary Event

It struck me today while at a planning meeting for the Oshkosh Lakefly Literary Conference, that all the months of planning and all the weeks of work by volunteers are totally worth it when balanced against the positive comments of the attendees.

Just so so so so, thank you

Working on edits for Sparks Fly, due out in July of this year, a novella, sweet romance being published by the wonderful and patient people at Prism Book Group. I have a confession: I’m in love with the words, “Just” and “So.”
I must be as I use them just an amazing (see there was one there) amount of time in my writing. “Just” used 95 times in 25,000 words and “so” I think 58 times in the same. Couldn’t I come up with anything better? I LOVE words. Like the adolescents I mock when I say, “Oh my Gooooosssshhhh” or “AWESOME,” I am a word addict. Just ask my just amazing and so awesome editor, Susan Baganz.