The first John Doe

In the 1300s, a chief justice in the British courts used John Doe and Richard Roe to refer to the plaintiff and defendant, respectively, in a hypothetic ruling about land possession. The tradition of using those names has stuck.


Get zen for more gray matter

Daily meditation increases the volume of gray matter in the hippocampus a Harvard study shows. More gray matter indicates enhanced brain function.  

Tesla stops production for close to 2 weeks to ready for Model X

My next novel has a heroine named Tesla and a brother named Edison….


Tesla robots, courtesy of Tesla. Tesla factory robots, courtesy of Tesla.

Electric car maker Tesla Motors (s TSLA) has temporarily idled production at its factory in Fremont, California, reports the San Jose Mercury News. It will use the almost two week downtime to increase production of its Model S sedan car, and to make way for manufacturing of its upcoming Model X, crossover SUV, minivan. Tesla plans to deliver 35,000 Model S cars this year, with a goal of 1,000 per week and the first Model X cars will  be delivered in early 2015. Production will resume on August 4.

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Coffee Talk

Harvard University scientists have found that people had an 11 % less chance of getting type II diabetes when they drank an extra cup of coffee daily for four years. April 24, 2014

Drink up, my friends