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Guest Blogger: Brooke Williams on So You Want to Be A Writer….

IMG_8272PCPVSo you want to be a writer…


Guest post by Brooke Williams


My name is Brooke Williams and I am a stay at home mom/freelance writer/author. It took my a long time to consider myself a writer/author and I still sometimes struggle with the idea that I’ve “made it” as an author.


I wrote my first book about a decade ago because I could no longer avoid the plot nagging me constantly. “Someone Always Loved You” was born and it’s a book I still cherish to this day. It sat for many years and I gave up on writing, but writing is my calling and I came back to it after 12 years in radio. Today, I have several books on the market (“Someone Always Loved You,” “Beyond the Bars,” “God in the Kitchen,” and “Taxi Delivery.”) And I have contracts for books to be released (“Wrong Place, Right Time,” December 9th from The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishers, “Accept this Dandelion,” Feb 2015 from Prism Book Group, “Mamarazzi,” August 2015 from Prism Book Group, and “Baby Sheep Gets a Haircut,” Feb 2016 from Wee Creek Press.) I also do a lot of freelance writing and have regular clients like Goodbye Crutches and Search Sciences for whom I write blogs, articles, product descriptions and other items. I’ve made a career out of writing and I couldn’t be happier.


If you want to be a writer, here are a few ways you will know that you are starting to make an impression.

Way#1: Writers Start Asking You for Advice! You know you’ve made it as an author, at least in the eyes of SOME people, when other writers start asking you for advice. I’ve actually had several writers approach me, mostly through email or on facebook or linked in. One gal asked for advice on getting children’s books published. I didn’t know at the time because I had never written one. Ironic enough a few months later I wrote one and a few months after that had a contract to publish it. But you know you’re “making it” as an author when people see what you are doing, want to get there as well, and start asking you how you did it. Way#2: People Give You Ideas I remember reading somewhere a quote, I think from James Patterson or some other huge author like that that he does not accept ideas from people. The ideas he puts into his book are his and his alone and he has plenty of them. You know you are making it as an author when people try to give you ideas for your books. I feel like my head is full of ideas, but if someone has a better one and wants to GIVE it to me, I am honored to listen! The fact that someone thinks I’m a good enough writer to write an idea they have is a blessing to me. I cannot guarantee I will ever get to such ideas, but I am more than happy to listen to them! I have had an online friend give me a story idea and it’s a good one! Way#3: Royalties I have yet to put out what I consider a REAL book. I have three romantic comedy novels and one children’s book under contract that I feel WILL be truly published books. But suffice it to say, if you are earning royalties, you are making it as an author. However small they may be. I was astonished when I realized Amazon was making DEPOSITS to my account instead of taking money from me for stuff I buy like they usually do! It took me a while to figure out that “Someone Always Loved You” was actually catching on and I was starting to see small residuals. It is what drove me to start promoting the book! It’s a book that I really feel deserves to be read. If readers enjoy it even half as much as I enjoyed writing it, I’m thrilled. Way#4: You love it The best way to make it as an author is to truly love it. If you love writing and you get to do it as a career or even a hobby, you’ve made it! Enough said!



Someone Always Loved You blurb


His first day on the job, ambulance driver Jay has a horrible accident. The victim of the crash is thrown into a coma and Jay keeps vigil by her side. As their lives, past and present intertwine; a story of love through time unfolds. An intricate drama including adoption, love, suspense, and plenty of questions, Someone Always Loved You is a novel that keeps the mind churning and the soul alive.



Brooke Williams bio


Brooke Williams is an award-winning author and freelance writer. She began her career in radio, both on the air and behind the scenes. She did a brief stint in TV news and then took on her most challenging job as a stay at home mom. During the few quiet hours in her day, Brooke writes articles for a number of clients as well as fiction creations such as “Someone Always Loved You.” Brooke has also written “Beyond the Bars,” a thriller, “God in the Kitchen,” a Christian novel, and “Taxi Delivery,” a Christian Romance. Brooke looks forward to the December 9th release of “Wrong Place, Right Time,” a romantic comedy and the February 2015 release of “Accept this Dandelion” inspired by the Bachelor TV show. Brooke has been married to her husband Sean since 2002 and has two daughters, Kaelyn and Sadie.












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