I feel like I’m wandering adrift. I don’t want to write anything because it is not the time yet. Almost like wasting words if it isn’t nano. Yet I can’t actually start nano yet. I plan and plot and save tiny scraps that seemed really important when I wrote them but totally meaningless when I look at them later. Anyone else adrift?


Nanowrimo beckons!

Well, it’s that time of year again: National Novel Writing Month.  I’ve gotten two of my Nanos published under Daisy Jerico.  The Love Thief and Sparks Fly are both currently available on Amazon for a mere 99 cents. This new  one has the always creepy  clairvoyant twins, a mass murderer who is innocent  and a 45 pound Serval cat named Werner Von Braun or Woo Woo to his friends.  Can’t wait? I can’t either. See you in five days. I’ll be blogging every day in November too. It’s my goal any way!91s8LlPL07L._SL1500_                                                 TheLoveThief

Horror Films and Zombie cookies

Just putting the finishing touches on my zombie cookies: 1.0. Still have a lot of work to do to make them sparkle. Frosting is an art, it seems…  But on to today’s topic: The top ten horror films.  Have you seen them all? I don’t think I have. I’ve seen Psycho and that is definitely my top pick. I saw it when I was little and couldn’t force myself into a shower with a closed curtain for years. I still get that tightness between my shoulder blades.  I’ve seen both Carrie’s and wasn’t scared; maybe too much blood. It certainly brought back all that teen angst of not being asked to this or that.  The Shining movie doesn’t compare to the terror that the book engendered. Sure Jack was masterful but not that terrifying to me.  Aliens just ran last night and I didn’t yelp and jump once, scaring the dogs.  Halloween was pee down the leg scary when his mask comes into focus behind the girl.

I judge Rosemary’s Baby as just icky: a mom who won’t stand up for her baby? Really? Not in my world.  Night of the living dead was gritty and true to life. The horror without a good result. Loved it once but could never force myself to watch it again. Oh, the futility of the dark night only to be summarily snatched away by a red neck gun nut.  The birds is a good one. I never took the goodwill of the avians for granted after seeing it.

I have a fondness forever for black and white horror like Frankenstein.  I am still prone to mutter “It’s ALIVE.” on occasion in the lab. A Nightmare on Elm street is on my list for this year. What ones are the all too bright Mensans missing? Let me know, would you? I need a good scare, because the classroom just isn’t scary enough……

Mensa’s Top 10 Horror Films

Mensans voted for their top 10 horror films.          1. Psycho

2. A Nightmare on Elm Street

3. Carrie

4. Aliens

5. The Shining

6. Halloween

7. Frankenstein (1931)

8. Rosemary’s Baby (1968)    9. Night of the Living Dead (1968) and The Birds