Sucking at Nano

I’m really not doing very well at Nano this year. I don’t have all the energy I should and it’s showing in my word count. And then, there’s the apparent fact that everyone else seems to be overachieving by a factor of 10. I was also going to blog every day in November but as you know, faithful reader, I am failing at that too. So here’s to a rededication of purpose. Let the words flow, even if they sucketh. Turn to fan fiction if you must but get that purple prose going. I can’t publish more books if I don’t finish them.

US scientists found two enormous whirlpools, approximately 400km in diameters across ┬áin the Atlantic Ocean. Now, these sucketh. I’m merely behind.

Hope your wordcount is huge and your coffee is hot.

When life attacks, Write On!whirlpool-620x250